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The Neodesha Promise Vision 

"The Neodesha Promise Scholarship Program is designed to enhance Neodesha students' preparation for successfully completing their chosen post-secondary education pathway.  The program will provide enabling financial support via meaningful scholarship awards to qualifying Neodesha High School graduates and also provide other resources and support services necessary to maximize the Promise program’s effectiveness.  We envision many more students taking advantage of post-secondary educational opportunities and hopefully also enhancing the Neodesha community as an attractive place to live and work. " 

What is the Neodesha Promise Scholarship Program?:

Following the lead of a number of U.S. Communities which have adopted a "PromiseNet" model of scholarships for high school graduates, a generous alumnus has decided to sponsor a similar program for Neodesha High School graduates. Anchor funding for the Neodesha Promise Scholarship Program is being provided by the Marilyn Cram Cutler Charitable Foundation. (For more information on Marilyn Cram Cutler click here.) Promise scholarship awards will cover tuition and fees at a post-secondary educational institution of their choice for qualifying Neodesha graduates. 

How did the Neodesha Promise Scholarship Program Start?:

When one visits with a  Neodesha alumnus, there is a common theme that runs through the majority of those conversations. It is a profound sense of gratitude for the nurturing they received from the Neodesha community during their formative years. Typically, that realization comes later in life, after being around many others who were less fortunate in where they grew up. That gratitude manifests itself in many ways. One very unique way is the generosity many alums demonstrate through their contributions to the Neodesha Alumni Association Scholarship Fund. It is a unique attribute of the Neodesha alumni community, not shared by many similar communities in the U.S. The Neodesha Promise Scholarship Program is simply another manifestation of the generosity of a Neodesha alumnus who wants to contribute not only to the future alumni of Neodesha schools, but also to the community that provided the unique set of talents to be successful in one's life endeavors. IT'S GREAT TO BE A BLUESTREAK! 

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