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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why offer this program to the graduates of Neodesha High School?


The Neodesha Promise Scholarship Program is simply another manifestation of the generosity of a Neodesha alumnus who wants to contribute not only to the future alumni of Neodesha schools but also, to the community that provided the unique set of talents to be successful in one’s life endeavors.  IT’S GREAT TO BE A BLUESTREAK!


What is “Good Standing”?

Good standing is regarded as having complied with all explicit obligations, while not being subject to any form of sanction, suspension, or disciplinary censure.

What fees are covered?

Only mandatory fees.  Mandatory fees are those required to be paid by all students attending a particular university/college.  Application fees, contact hour fees, and fees which are course-specific (such as lab fees for science and computer classes, etc.) or fees assessed based on the number of credit hours enrolled are not covered.


What we don’t cover?

Room and Board, Books, Meals, Travel, Non-mandatory Fees.


Why 2nd Payer?

The financial design of the Neodesha Promise Scholarship Program took over 18 months to develop. It was designed to recognize and enhance the existing scholarship programs for NHS graduates.  And, it has been designed to provide scholarship awards to graduating seniors for many years into the future. Given the financial resources that have been made available to

fund the Promise Program, a 2nd payer approach produced the most long-lasting result.


What does the logo mean?

We chose the Neodesha Promise logo because it represents the highest aspirations a community can have for its youth.  To provide them with the tools and resources to be successful in life. The hand clutching the Bluestreaks means "Your future is in your hands".



What are the eligible universities and/or colleges?


Any college/university or community college in the U.S. that is Pell Grant approved.  Click here for Pell-Approved Schools.


Are vocational schools eligible?


Yes, if they are Pell Grant approved.


Are summer school classes covered by the Promise?


Yes, after the first year.  If enrolled and is taken at their designated school of choice.  A summer school request form must be completed AND approved in order to take summer classes away from the school of choice.   


When will scholarship funds be available?


After the drop/add date each semester and we receive the invoice from the school.


Is study abroad covered?



Do I need a 20 on the ACT to transfer to a 4-year after attending a community college for one year?

No, after you complete one year at a community college or technical school you do not need a 20 on the ACT to maintain your Promise scholarship. 


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