Planning on Transferring? 

Here's what you need to know! 

  • If you qualified for the Promise Associates Degree Award, you will need to attend a community college/technical institution for one year prior to transferring to a four year institution. 

  • You'll need to send a copy of your official transcript to each institution that you have attended. This includes any concurrent/dual credit classes you took while in high school.

  • Add your new institution to your FAFSA. If you have forgotten your FAFSA information, please contact Rebekah Peitz to help you reset it. 

  • If you signed a housing contract, be aware of what the cancellation policies are prior to signing. If you are thinking about transferring, try to make a decision as early as possible to reduce any cancellation fees. 

  • Schedule a meeting with an academic advisor at the institution you are transferring to and ensure that classes you have previously taken will transfer.