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Promise Program Administrator: 

The Promise Program administrator serves as the secretary on the Neodesha Promise Scholarship Advisory Board, managing Board activities and documenting Board meetings. The Neodesha Promise Program Administrator (NPPA), will manage the myriad of administrative tasks associated with the Neodesha Promise Scholarship program.  The NPPA will also be the Neodesha community's principal contact person on issues regarding the program. In coordination with the Neodesha College & Career Advocate/CTE Coordinator, the NPPA will make time available to meet with students and families to discuss how they can take advantage of the program and the program's related services. The NPPA will be responsible for monitoring all program students in post-secondary institutions to ensure they are meeting all program requirements to maintain their scholarship awards. The NPPA will promote the Neodesha Promise Program to outside audiences and will support community efforts directed at promoting Neodesha as a desirable community for families and businesses. 


Rebekah Peitz 

Neodesha Promise Program Administrator

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