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Scholarship applies to students graduating from Neodesha High School beginning with the class of 2020. 


(Qualifying applicants must be enrolling in a program requiring at least 60 credit hours to graduate.)

  1. Must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 for grades 9-12.  There is no ACT requirement to receive an award.

  2. The amount of the award will be capped at $200 per credit hour.  This amount may be subject to further review.

  3. After graduating with an Associate Degree, the student can apply for a scholarship to a four-year institution to complete the final 60 credit hours of award.

  4. Students must complete their attendance at their chosen college within a 4-year period.  If the student wishes to defer enrolling for a period of time (not to exceed two years) to go on a church mission, join military service, or gain work experience; the student will be required to submit a specific deferral request.

  5. While in college the student must maintain a 2.5 GPA per academic term and be in “good standing”. Your Term GPA refers to the GPA you receive at the end of each semester, NOT your cumulative GPA. Failure to meet the minimum GPA requirement for any two semesters during their time enrolled will result in the loss of scholarship.​​

    • Promise recipients that fall beneath a 1.0 GPA will have a 50% reduction to their scholarship the following semester. If the student falls beneath a 2.5 for a second semester they will lose their scholarship. If the student is above a 2.5 their full scholarship will be reinstated. ​

  6. Any semester in which a student withdraws from all classes will be considered a failed semester. This will count towards your two semesters of being below a 2.5 GPA. 

Beginning Fall 2024, students that are pursuing an associate's degree/ technical certification of 61 or more credit hours will be allowed to apply for an additional scholarship to finish their degree. The student will need to provide the Promise Administrator with a copy of their degree plan and unofficial transcript to receive scholarship for their remaining hours. 

An applicant that does not qualify for the Bachelor's Degree Award, but qualifies for the Associate's Degree Award will need to successfully complete one year at a community college/technical school prior to transferring their scholarship to a university. Students will be required to maintain the 2.5 GPA per semester requirement. 

Students are allowed to use their scholarships to take summer classes pending Program Administrator approval after one year of classes. The student is required to complete the summer class application form available under applications.  



Students who complete 100 hours of community service will receive a 5% increase in their award per semester.





The Neodesha Promise Scholarship is a second payer program. Promise awards will be reduced by 25% of the total of Pell Grants and other scholarship awards that exceed $2,000.For example, if the student receives a $3,000 scholarship award or grant, the Promise award would be reduced by $750. If other scholarships and grant awards cover the entire cost of the student’s first year of post-secondary education, they can defer receiving the Promise award to their second year. But the 120 credit hour or 60 credit hour cap would still apply.




Room and board, transportation, books, and non-mandatory fees are not covered expenses. Those expenses are the responsibility of the student.



The Neodesha Promise Scholarship Program reserves the right to change the standards of this program if warranted.

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