Qualifying students must be on track to graduate from/or a graduate of Neodesha High School, have completed the Neodesha Promise Scholarship application, and be a resident of the USD 461. Students must be in “good standing” and have no felony convictions or juvenile adjudications.

To qualify for a scholarship award, the student will also be required to submit a FAFSA application and complete 40 hours* of community service.

2021 Graduates                        20 Hours Required

2022 Graduates                        30 Hours Required

2023 Graduates                        40 Hours Required


Neodesha residency funding guidelines. Scholarship awards will be funded based on the following attendance factors at Neodesha Schools.


Attended K-12/6-12      100% Funded

Attended 7-12                95% Funded

Attended 8-12                85% Funded

Attended 9-12                75% Funded

Attended 10-12              65% Funded

Attended 11-12              55% Funded

Attended 12-12              45% Funded


Non-residents of USD 461 may petition for receiving a 25% award as a “qualifying non-resident”.  Award eligibility to be determined by the scholarship committee. A student that leaves USD 461 for some period and returns will be placed on the scale at the returning position.  Only full years’ count for funding.  NOTE:  Non-resident awards will not be available after the 2024 graduating class.


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