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Tonya Bell

USD #461

Board of Education Member


"The cost of college tuition/fees is a huge barrier to pursuing education beyond high school. As a college professor and a parent of three children, one of whom is currently attending college, I am well aware of the rising costs of higher education. The Promise Scholarship will provide NHS graduates, who meet the criteria, access to higher education without the burden of beginning their careers buried in large amounts of debt. As a school board member, I see the potential of The Promise Scholarship extending far beyond transforming the lives of our students; The Promise Scholarship has the potential to completely transform our entire community. More families moving into the district to reap the benefit of this scholarship will result in a  positive domino effect impacting our local economy. As our enrollment increases, I envision our students and community members feeling even more pride in calling themselves "Bluestreaks." Ultimately, The Promise Scholarship will be opening doors and providing access to those who felt higher education was unattainable. The Promise is truly a  "game-changer" for our children and our entire community. Our community is truly blessed!"

Dick Osterbuhr

USD #461

Board of Education President

Richard Osterbuhr 2013.jpg

The impact of the Neodesha Promise Scholarship Program will be incredible and very positive for our community and school district.  To think that a rural community in Southeast Kansas currently has a Neodesha Alumni Scholarship program which has given over $460,000 in awards along with the Phillip D. Griffith Foundation which has awarded more than $1,300,000 to graduating seniors from Neodesha High School is incredible.  These programs that currently function and will continue to do so, along with the new Neodesha Promise Scholarship program, give our graduating seniors a truly fantastic and unique opportunity.  To extend this to associate's and technical degrees along with the traditional bachelor's degree make this program the first of its kind in Kansas and will add great value to our community!  Neodesha is a fantastic place to live and has produced graduates over the years who have made a life-long impact on many people.  How proud and grateful we all are!

Valon Jones


Career & College Advocate

Class of 2005


“How to pay for college is the number one fear students have when thinking about pursuing their education after high school.  This scholarship will be able to eliminate much of that financial stress for our students and their families.  I cannot believe how lucky our community is to have a scholarship program like this for our students.  I have always been proud to be a graduate of Neodesha High School and my pride only continues to grow when I see the awesome opportunities our kids have by being a Neodesha Bluestreak!”

Don Adams

Local Entrepreneur

Former NHS Teacher

Class of 1967

Don Adams.jpg

"I became the science teacher and head basketball coach at NHS in 1975.  I left education to open Oakhill Financial Group in 1985.  My wife, D’Ann, and I have had three children graduate from NHS and currently have three grandchildren attending Neodesha Schools.  I have been blessed to be able to be included in the building of the “Neodesha Promise” with a former Bluestreak.  I have been able to study other “Promise” communities and the effect that these programs have had there.  I believe that our community will grow substantially, and the overall economic environment will improve radically.  We will see a significant increase in children attending post-secondary education and our high school is making plans to increase its focus on preparing our students for both college and technical education.  This will be the most significant event in our community’s history without a doubt."

Ashton Brooks

Promise Student 

Class of 2020


"The Promise Program has benefited my higher education experience by not only taking away some of my financial stress, but by also providing an academic support system and a way to stay connected with Neodesh's community through check-ins, Promise Pals, and community events!

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