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Your Future, 

Our Promise.

The Neodesha Promise Scholarship Program

is designed to enhance Neodesha students' preparation for successfully completing their chosen post-secondary education pathway. 

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    Kansas Promise Act + Neodesha Promise:

    Any student who qualifies for a Neodesha Promise scholarship can elect to take advantage of the new Kansas promise scholarship instead, if they plan to attend a Kansas Promise qualifying post secondary school and if they meet the Kansas Promise eligibility requirements. Students may receive a Neodesha Promise scholarship after completing their chosen post secondary school if they have completed the Neodesha Promise deferral form and met the post secondary GPA requirements of the Neodesha Promise Program.

    For more information regarding the Kansas Promise Act click here.

    Scholarship Recipients 

    Institutions attended by Program Recipients 

    Sent in Scholarships

    Promise Student Article Series:
    Written by: Tucker Leck 

    Our Students:


    The Neodesha Promise scholarship means alot to me. It signifies hometown support for pursuing my dream career. Without this scholarship , my dream would be much more difficult to achieve. 

    Kylie Johnson 2020 Promise Scholarship recipient

    I feel extremely fortunate because I get to go to college not having to worry about money, and getting to focus on my grades and the activities that I want to be involved in. 

    Kodi Taylor, 2020 Promise Scholarship Recipient

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